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Shaw Island

Cottage Shed


The beautiful Shaw Island is our flagship model designed not just for functionality, but to elevate the aesthetics of your space. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this visually stunning structure features a charming dormer, numerous windows that capture the essence of natural light (windows can be deleted for a credit if not needed), and an impressive 8/12 pitch roof. The wider trim adds a touch of elegance, making the Shaw Island a picturesque addition to your landscape.


More than just a building, the Shaw Island is a statement piece that enhances the overall value of your property. With its eye-catching design and thoughtful details, it seamlessly blends form and function, ensuring that it becomes a focal point that you'll take pride in for years to come.

Some of the Standard Features for the Shaw Island include:

   - Double Bungalow Wood Doors

   - 8/12 Pitch Roof

   - 10' Dormer

   - 7 windows


Dream, Work, and Be Happy

This is a cottage shed to capture our hearts, with its steep roof, wide trim and extra overhangs, its cute little dormer letting in light from up above and the big row of windows underneath. Shaw Island is a place to dream, to work and to be happy. It begs to be surrounded with greenery or flowers. It wants to settle in…to belong. Ask about flower boxes and shutters and cupolas and remember that insulation is available as well!


Shaw Island.jpg

Shaw Island (sizes available)

Ordering Your Shaw Island

Available Sizes: Click on Your Preferred size to go to a 3D Shed designer and add or remove options to design a building for your specific needs. As you make changes, the price will be updated to reflect the changes. (If you need a size not shown below, please ask for a quote. We can build to custom sizes)

Available Options: In the 3D Shed Designer, you can choose colors, door and window placement and more, and get updated pricing to reflect the changes you make when applicable.

- Single Pane Aluminum Windows
- Double Pane Vinyl Windows
- Transom Window
- House Style Door (with or without a window)
- Roll-up Doors
- Custom Paint Colors
- Wood or Aluminum Ramps
- Shutters
- Decorative Hinges
- Cupola
- Spray Foam Insulation in the walls and ceiling
- Railing
- Skylights
- Metal Roofing

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