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The Mt. Baker model offers classic barn-style buildings, available in a wide range of sizes, from 8 to 52 feet in length (in 4-foot increments) and 8 to 15 feet in width (in even numbers). What sets the Mt. Baker apart is its built-in loft on the back wall, providing extra space. Just like the Birch Bay model, it can be customized with options for doors, windows, overhangs, and insulation, tailoring it to your specific needs. Special orders for in-between sizes are possible, often at a cost similar to the next size up. This model seamlessly blends timeless barn aesthetics with modern versatility for your building needs. You can design your own building by clicking on the 3D Shed Designer LINK and selcting the Birch Bay. 

HPB 7-Year Warranty

Preparing the Site for Your New Building

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8x8 Mt Baker model (barn style)

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