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The Leavenworth model stands out for its unique combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal, characterized by an extra overhang on the end with the doors. This thoughtful feature not only enhances the building's overall appearance but also allows for the addition of decorative corbels, contributing significantly to its charm. Moreover, the Leavenworth is designed with a steeper, 8/12 pitch roof, which not only sheds snow and rain more efficiently but also offers a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette. This architectural decision elevates the structure’s visual appeal, making it a stylish and practical choice for those seeking to blend form with function seamlessly.

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Design Your Leavenworth

Available Sizes: Go to the Leavenworth in our 3D Shed Designer and add or remove options to design a building for your specific needs. As you make changes, the price will be updated to reflect the changes. (If you need a size not shown below, please ask for a quote. We can build to custom sizes)

Available Options: In the 3D Shed Designer, you can choose colors, door and window placement and more, and get updated pricing to reflect the changes you make when applicable.

- Single Pane Aluminum Windows
- Double Pane Vinyl Windows
- Transom Window
- Barn Style Door Options
- Custom Paint Colors
- Wood or Aluminum Ramps
- Shutters
- Decorative Hinges
- Cupola
- Spray Foam Insulation in the walls and ceiling
- Skylights
- Metal Roofing

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Leavenworth 3D1.jpg
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