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Welcome to our dream greenhouse, meticulously designed for the passionate gardener. It boasts moisture-resistant flooring for durability, a work-bench height perimeter shelf for easy plant care, and ample space for hanging plants, allowing your greenery to reach new heights. At its core, an advanced ventilation system and double walled polycarbonate ensures the perfect climate for your plants to thrive. This isn't just a greenhouse; it's a vibrant haven where early-season veggies and flowers bloom. Ideal for both veteran and budding green thumbs, it transforms gardening dreams into lush, living realities. Step into your personal oasis and watch your garden masterpiece come to life.


Dream, Work, and Be Happy

Standard Features for Greenhouses:

 - Treated Floor resists water damage

 - Double Wall Poly-Carbonate for walls and roof

 - Work-bench height shelf around the perimeter inside

 - Ventilation System with Electric Fan

Available Sizes

 - 8x10, 10x12, 10x14

 - Custom Sizes Available, just ask!

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