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Elliott Bay

Cozy Cabin


Introducing the Elliott Bay, a charming retreat that seamlessly blends classic design with modern comfort. Embrace the serenity of our wrap-around porch, available in both the timeless gable style and the rustic gambrel (barn) style. With three 2x3 windows, a 3x3 window, and a pre-hung house-style door, the Elliott Bay welcomes natural light and offers a picturesque view. This versatile structure has been transformed into cozy cabins and stylish tiny homes, making it the ideal canvas for your personalized sanctuary. Elevate your living experience with the Elliott Bay, where traditional charm meets contemporary living in every detail.


Dream, Work, and Be Happy

Meet the Elliott Bay, a captivating cabin shed designed to win your heart. Its distinct charm lies in the wrap-around porch, offering a welcoming touch that could make it feel like home. The allure of the Elliott Bay lies in its simplicity, a cozy haven without sacrificing style. This versatile structure invites dreams, productivity, and happiness, creating a space that effortlessly blends into its surroundings. Picture it enveloped in lush greenery or adorned with vibrant flowers, a seamless integration that fosters a sense of belonging. Inquire about customizable features like flower boxes, shutters, and cupolas, and discover the option of insulation for added comfort.



Shaw Island (sizes available)

Ordering Your Elliott Bay

Available Sizes: Click on Your Preferred style to go to a 3D Shed designer and add or remove options to design a building for your specific needs. As you make changes, the price will be updated to reflect the changes. (If you need a size not shown, please ask for a quote. We can build to custom sizes)

Available Options: In the 3D Shed Designer, you can choose colors, door and window placement and more, and get updated pricing to reflect the changes you make when applicable.

- Single Pane Aluminum Windows
- Double Pane Vinyl Windows
- Transom Window
- House Style Door (with or without a window)
- Roll-up Doors
- Custom Paint Colors
- Wood or Aluminum Ramps
- Shutters
- Decorative Hinges
- Cupola
- Spray Foam Insulation in the walls and ceiling
- Railing
- Skylights
- Metal Roofing

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