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Mt Baker Mini

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Introducing the Mini Mt Baker, a practical and budget-friendly Gambrel-style building that stands as our shortest yet most economical offering. Versatile in size, this compact structure is designed to provide efficient dry storage space for a variety of needs. The Mini Mt Baker embodies simplicity and functionality, making it an ideal solution for those seeking a cost-effective storage solution without compromising quality. Choose from various sizes to tailor the Mini Mt Baker to your specific requirements. Whether you need a compact storage solution for tools, equipment, or other belongings, the Mini Mt Baker delivers reliable performance in a sleek and affordable package.

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Dream, Work, and Be Happy

The Mini Mt Baker, our budget-friendly Gambrel-style building, is the perfect solution for economical backyard storage. Available in sizes ranging from 8x8 to 12x24, it provides compact and affordable space for storing lawn and garden equipment, toys, and home sporting gear. Simplify your storage needs without breaking the bank.



Designing Your Mt Baker Mini

Mt Baker mini (sizes available)

Available Sizes: Click on Your Preferred size to go to a 3D Shed Designer and add or remove options to design a building for your specific needs. As you make changes, the price will be updated to reflect the changes. (If you need a size not shown below, please ask for a quote. We can build to custom sizes)

Available Options: In the 3D Shed Designer, you can choose colors, door and window placement and more, and get updated pricing to reflect the changes you make when applicable.

- Single Pane Aluminum Windows
- Double Pane Vinyl Windows
- Transom Window
- Barn Style Door Options
- Custom Paint Colors
- Wood or Aluminum Ramps
- Shutters
- Decorative Hinges
- Cupola
- Spray Foam Insulation in the walls and ceiling
- Railing
- Skylights
- Metal Roofing

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