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Urban Design 

4x6 Modern 2Swivel Rockers w Table (white & tan) 9734 .jpg


Urban Swivel Gliders with End Table

Urban Swivel Glider 2'.........

Urban Regular Height End Table.......

$1156.00 ea. 

   $236.00 ea. 

Dive into the essence of modern elegance with our sleek dining sets and gliders, designed for those who appreciate contemporary flair in their home furnishings. Our pieces promise not just a meal but an experience, blending functionality with cutting-edge design to transform your dining area. Meanwhile, our gliders bring a modern twist to relaxation, offering smooth, effortless comfort that enhances any outdoor or indoor space. Elevate your home with furnishings that speak the language of modern sophistication.

4x6 Rockers 2 Swivle Black 9738.jpg

Urban Gliders


$826.00 ea. 

Urban Glider 2'.........

4x6 Modern 2 Balcony Gliders with Table (Gray& Brown) 9729 .jpg

Urban Balcony Gliders

w/counter height end table

Light Gray/Antique Mahogany

Urban Balcony Glider 2'.........

Counter Height End Table.........

$870.00 ea. 

$288.00 ea. 

4x6  Modern 3ft table w 2-swivle chairs 9715 .jpg

Urban 33" Square (Counter Height) Dining Table


Urban 33" Square Counter Height Dining Table.......

Urban Dining Chair (Swivel, Counter Height).......

$1060.00 ea. 

$870.00 ea. 

If you have questions, or to place an order, please call (360) 701-7516

Base Colors (Smooth)

Base Colors can be used as the Base color or as the Top color for 2-tone designs, or when a single color is desired.
Turf Green.jpg
Turf Green
Dark Gray.jpg
Dark Gray
Bright Red
Light Gray (2).jpg
Light Gray
Bright White_edited.jpg
Bright White
Tudor Brown.jpg
Tudor Brown
Aruba Blue
Weathered Wood.jpg
Weathered Wood

Base Woodgrain Colors (Woodgrain Texture)

Antique Mahogany.jpg
Antique Mahogany
Driftwood Gray
4x6 Modern Bar Hieght Chair 9721 .jpg
Base Color
Top Color

Top Colors (Smooth)

Patriot Blue.jpg
Patriot Blue
Cherry Wood

Top Woodgrain Colors (Woodgrain Texture)

Coastal Gray.jpg
Coastal Gray
Brazilian Walnut.jpg
Brazilian Walnut
Top Colors can be only used as the top color for 2-tone designs, or can be used as a Base Color or Single Color for an additional charge and an extended lead-time. (Please Ask (360) 701-7516) 
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