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Backyard Chicken Tender

🐔Treasure the Experience of Gathering Your Own Home-Grown Eggs 🥚🐓

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Our Backyard Chicken Tenders come with the following features:

   - Coop for 4-6 chickens

   - 4-6 laying hens (Nova-Gen Brown)

   - Feeder and Waterer 

   - Feed for the first month

   - Bedding to start (normally lasts a couple months)

   - Delivery and set-up in your backyard (within 75 miles)

   - Start-up Support*

        * start-up support includes recommendation on which feed  and where to get it near you, support phone number

Please Note: We stand behind our products, although there are many things beyond our control. If a chicken dies within the first week after delivery, we will replace it. We also place a one-year workmanship warranty on the structure for the first year. This does not apply to issues relating to a lack of proper care or when being used in a manner for which it was not intended. We specifically do not indicate or imply in any way, how many eggs your hens will lay in any period of time.

    Are you ready to embark on a heartwarming journey filled with fluffy companionship, delightful clucks, and the satisfying warmth of freshly laid eggs? It's time to open your heart and your garden to the enchanting world of backyard chickens!

    Imagine waking up to the soft chirps and gentle rustling of your feathered friends as they greet the dawn with infectious enthusiasm. The rhythmic pecking and contented clucking resonate through the air, creating a symphony of harmony that uplifts your spirit and fills your soul with tranquility.

    Picture yourself stepping into your garden, greeted by the sight of Nova-Gen Brown hens gracefully foraging amidst the lush greenery, their glossy feathers shimmering in the sunlight like jewels adorning the earth. As you approach, they welcome you with eager anticipation, their bright eyes reflecting boundless curiosity and affection.

    Feel the warmth of their gentle presence as they gather around, their soft feathers brushing against your skin like whispers of friendship. In their company, every moment becomes a precious memory, a testament to the simple joys of life shared with beloved companions.

    But the magic doesn't end there. With each egg lovingly collected from the nest, you're reminded of the bountiful blessings that nature bestows upon us. Cradling the delicate treasure in your hands, you marvel at its exquisite beauty, its golden yolk a symbol of abundance and nourishment.

   And oh, the taste! Picture the first bite of a farm-fresh egg, its rich flavor dancing on your palate, a symphony of freshness that transports you to a realm of pure culinary bliss. From fluffy omelets to decadent cakes, each dish becomes a celebration of homegrown goodness, infused with the love and care that only backyard chickens can provide.

    But beyond the tangible delights lies something far greater – a profound connection to the rhythms of nature, a sense of purpose rooted in stewardship and sustainability. By embracing the simple pleasure of raising chickens, you become a guardian of the earth, a custodian of tradition, and a beacon of hope for future generations.

    So, dear friend, let your heart take flight and join us on this extraordinary adventure. Together, we'll cultivate a sanctuary of joy, where every cluck, every egg, and every moment shared with our feathered companions fills our lives with boundless happiness and fulfillment. Welcome to the enchanting world of backyard chickens – where dreams take wing and miracles hatch every day. 🌿🐓💖

Chicken Tender - (4 hens) - $2449.00
Chicken Tender 2 - (6 hens) - $2849.00

Why Grown Your Own Eggs?

    Raising chickens in your garden offers not only the pleasure of freshly laid eggs but also a range of other benefits. Among the recommended varieties, Nova-Gen Brown hens stand out for their prolific egg-laying capabilities and gentle temperament, making them ideal for beginners and seasoned poultry keepers alike. These hens not only provide a consistent supply of eggs but also contribute to the lively ambiance of your garden.

    Chickens can become beloved pets, known for their sociable nature. They often develop close bonds with their human caretakers, demonstrating surprising levels of affection and even perching on shoulders like friendly companions. Their presence adds vibrancy to the garden scene as they roam about, pecking and clucking, while also serving a practical purpose by helping to control pests naturally.

    From an organic gardening perspective, chickens are invaluable allies. They eagerly consume garden pests such as bugs, slugs, snails, and caterpillars, effectively reducing the need for chemical pesticides. Additionally, their manure provides nutrient-rich fertilizer for plants, enhancing soil health and promoting robust growth. However, it's crucial to properly age the manure before use to prevent burning delicate plants.

    Integrating chickens into family life can be enriching, especially for children who delight in collecting eggs and assisting with feeding chores. Furthermore, observing the egg-laying process and even hatching chicks can offer valuable educational opportunities, fostering a deeper appreciation for nature's cycles.

    When setting up a chicken coop, several factors warrant consideration. Adequate space, ventilation, and nesting provisions are essential for the birds' comfort and well-being. The coop's design should prioritize security against predators like foxes, ensuring the safety of the flock. Opting for durable construction materials and easy-to-clean surfaces simplifies maintenance tasks and prolongs the coop's lifespan.

    Investing in a well-designed coop pays dividends in the long run, offering a reliable and comfortable habitat for your feathered friends. Avoiding materials that attract pests, such as roofing felt, helps maintain a hygienic environment. With proper care and attention to detail, you'll soon enjoy the satisfaction of gathering fresh eggs from your own backyard, savoring their superior flavor and quality compared to store-bought alternatives.

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