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…providing a high level of quality and customer service!!

   At PNW Backyard Solutions, we place a strong emphasis on traditional family values. We know the time you spend in your backyard sipping iced tea or enjoying a barbeque together with family and friends, is some of your most treasured time, and we want to make those experiences memories that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

   Our poly lawn and patio furnishings will not crack, fade, give you a sliver or show rust stains! This is backed by a 20-year warranty against fading or rust stains, cracking, and fading. All hardware, including bearings and fasteners, are stainless steel, which prevents rusting, making this furniture the perfect investment for long-term enjoyment.

   All our outdoor furnishings are handcrafted from the highest grade of poly lumber, which is in turn made of 95% recycled plastic, such as old milk jugs, pop bottles, and other discarded  plastic, keeping this debris out of our nation's landfills and off our beaches. We are excited help in conserving our natural resources and being responsible in reducing the amount of waste our society produces.



Setting New Standards


In our search for high quality lawn and patio furnishings to offer our valued clients, we discovered Everwood Furnishings, designer and manufacturer of high end outdoor furnishings made of poly lumber. 


For years, we’ve been proud to be recognized as a leader in our industry. To stay on top, we’ve worked with various field professionals to make sure every part of our manufacturing process, including our First-Rate Materials, represents quality and excellence.


We're always pushing ourselves to improve our process, and that shows itself in our Strict Quality Control. At PNW Backyard Solutions, your satisfaction is always our first priority, and it's our hope that what we offer always meets and surpasses your expectations.

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